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The Orton-Gillingham Approach and Class In Session 

With technology today, reading may seem less important. In fact, it is more critical than ever. That’s why Class In Session uses the Orton Gillingham Approach to work one-on-one with students. Children with dyslexia require the same information about our language as any other child learning to read. But, dyslexia makes it more difficult to sort, recognize and organize the raw elements of language. So, components of language that children without dyslexia pick up easily must be systematically and directly taught. Therefore, this is the essence of the Orton- Gillingham Approach.

Individualized Programs based on the Orton- Gillingham Approach

Each child’s program is tailored for their specific needs. This includes the pace, level and specific interests of the child. These differing needs are recognized and honoured in each Class in Session student.

Multi Sensory Inputs

Simultaneously using multiple senses enhances memory storage. Auditory, visual, plus kinesthetic (touch) inputs work together.  For example, dyslexic learners are taught seeing a letter, saying its name and the sound, then, writing it in the air. Every one of these elements works together.

Structure, Systems, Sequential, Cumulative

The elements of language and the rules develop in linguistically logical, and understandable orders. Students begin again with language learning, in order to lay the proper foundations.

Cognitive Generalizations

We generalize many aspects of the English language. Students study those generalizations and the rules governing the structure beneath our language.

Flexibility and Awareness

Instructors always ensure learners are not just recognizing patterns without solid understanding. As confusion over previous lessons are discovered, there is flexibility to adapt and reteach the concepts.

Feedback and Reinforcement

Close student-teacher ties allow for continuous feedback. This leads to greater success and increased self confidence.

The Orton Gillingham Approach is universally accepted, as being successfully able to improve reading and writing skills for children with dyslexia and other literacy challenges. The additional difficulties associated with dyslexia mean the foundational elements of language must be systematically, directly taught. The team here at Class in Session will develop a personalized program for your child to support their learning success. Call today!

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