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Orton Gillingham’s approach was established as early as 1925 by Samuel Torrey Orton who described the syndrome of dyslexia as an issue in education. Anna Gillingham was a brilliant teacher and psychologist with an outstanding knowledge of the language. This is a multi-sensitive, structured, sequential, accretive, cognitive and flexible approach based on language. It is a philosophy rather than a system that is infinitely adaptable. Orton-Gillingham is an approach used by our Orton Gillingham Tutors that benefits all students but is particularly important for those who struggle with literacy or dyslexia, which is multisensory, sequential, cumulative, systemic, direct, cognitive, and teaching literacy. It can also be referred to as the MSL–Multisensory Structured Language. It is the initial method that resulted from a partnership between the neuropsychiatrist and pathologist, Dr. Samuel Orton, and the psychologist Anna Gillingham, putting together neuroscientific knowledge and remediation concepts.

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Tutors at Class In Session are experienced and know everything about the Orton-Gillingham Approach to support struggling readers by teaching the connection between sounds and letters. We use different pathways to support dyslexic students. Our Orton Gillingham Reading Specialists focus on helping students understand the “Why” and “How” behind reading. Once they understand consistent patterns and rules, they will be better able to decode words without receiving support from a tutor. And, it would be our great success. Take a look at the following points to know how the Orton-Gillingham Approach works:

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Orton Gillingham Tutoring by Our Tutors

  • Each struggling reader will receive support from our Orton Gillingham Tutor.
  • Students and instructors will have a meeting daily for one-on-one sessions.
  • Regular Orton Gillingham Tutoring Sessions will build a relationship of trust and strong understanding between student and tutor.
  • The best thing about Class In Session is that our materials and lessons are designed for each student considering their current level of understanding.
  • As the students start improving their reading skills, our Orton Gillingham Tutors will move further from simple to complex material to support the child in mastering literacy skills.

Unlock Your Child’s Reading Potential with Orton Gillingham Tutoring

Our way of teaching provides continuous positive feedback and our Orton Gillingham Toronto Tutors have provided tutoring services across Canada to numerous students with positive results. We have supported students to become excellent readers, independent learners and writers.

Comprehensive Assessment

Toronto Tutors ensure the assessment of student’s skill sets and abilities in all aspects of literacy. This is the initial phase for all new students starting Orton-Gillingham’s class with us.

One-on-One Session

To enhance the reading skills of the students, we conduct one-on-one sessions for students to complete personalized lessons that are helpful in identifying their underlying literacy problems.

Early Intervention

During our Dyslexia Tutoring Session, we check whether the students have improved their literacy skills which helps in later reading ability. We offer specialized intervention to those who are at risk of reading failure.
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What Makes Us Different?
At Class In Session, we are committed to offering the best teaching facilities to support your child overcome the syndrome of dyslexia. We use trusted evidence-based materials to boost the reading skills of your child. You can receive support from our tutors today. The following factors make us different from other Orton Gillingham Tutors:
Basic Orton Gillingham encompasses phonetic reading and writing. These students are beginning readers and writers who learn the symbols and sounds of the alphabet.
Intermediate Orton Gillingham encompasses learning more than one sound for a phonogram and spelling generalizations, spelling affixes and patterns.
Once the child knows how to read words syllabically to morphologically, they will be shifted to the advanced Orton Gillingham class. It includes all levels of word structure.
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Reach Us Today to Improve Reading Skills

We are passionate about teaching students with learning differences and ensuring that our students feel successful while they build their self-esteem and confidence. We support students who struggle with reading, writing and/or spelling. You can reach us today to learn more about our Orton Gillingham Tutoring Services.

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