The Benefits of private tutor, Small Group and In-Home Tutoring

Every child is different. Their learning style and challenges change throughout their academic life. That is why a variety of tutoring options are available to students. So, how do you choose?

One-to-One Tutoring, private tutor service – Is it really the best?

For many children, 1:1 tutoring is best at some point in their academic journey. Most often, students benefit from small group instruction at some point along the way. 

Working individually with a private tutor, your child receives the exclusive focus and attention of their tutor. Also, their program is specifically tailored to the exact academic needs of the student. If the child grasps a concept quickly or has some extra trouble, the tutor adjusts seamlessly to those needs.


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When Small Groups are Best

Small-group tutoring is specifically effective for targeted skill-building. Students are more likely to stay engaged with different perspectives in a fun, high-energy group learning environment.

Having a friend in a tutoring group works as an incentive for students to work hard and continue with their studies. Long-term tutoring builds academic skills and strategies for success.

In-Home Tutoring

It is hard to beat the convenience of In-Home tutoring. Children are far less likely to fuss about getting ready, and there is no time lost in travel. 

A home tutor often becomes a mentor to the student. Guidance in the development of time management and study skills improves overall academic performance.

Students who struggle with distractions in school find a respite at home, in a comfortable, familiar environment.

In-Home private tutors are also able to support parents with recommendations for resources to encourage greater learning opportunities.  

Ask the Expert

The place to start is to check with your child’s regular tutor or a Class In Session Representative. They know the value of each type of tutoring and can guide you to make the right choice for your child. 

Contact Us today to learn more about the various tutoring options available at Class in Session.

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