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Online Remote Tutoring – How is it different from in-person tutoring?

Traditional tutoring has been in-person, but lately, many changes have made remote options more desirable. With the pandemic’s introduction of remote learning, some students have fallen even further behind their peers, especially in reading and writing. So, the question arises, if remote classroom learning doesn’t work well for your child, could online tutoring help? Remote tutoring is different from remote classrooms, in much the same way in-person tutoring and classrooms are different. But let’s look at how online tutoring resembles in-person tutoring and how it is different, so you can decide what is best for your child.

How Online Remote Tutoring is Similar to In-Person Tutoring

Individual and Small Group Lessons

Both in-person and remote tutoring offers individual and small group lessons tailored to the students. Customized to the needs of each student, in-person and online tutors provide high-quality support guiding students in key concepts, topics, and skills. The tutors also facilitate greater independence with work and study habits.

Educational Material Sharing

Tutors share and discuss materials with students online using technological tools like Google Docs, and Zoom features, including the whiteboard and screen sharing. Tutors and students view, discuss, and analyze materials together, just as they would in person.

How Online Remote Tutoring is Different from In-Person Tutoring

Direct Access to Tutors

A tremendous benefit of online tutoring is the removal of geographical limits. You can now connect with a tutor from Toronto while travelling, on vacation, or if you live too far away to commute.

Computer Captivation

Many students love to work with a computer, and working online is interesting and exciting enough to captivate their interest. Since tutoring sessions specifically focus student interest, adding the computer is enough to make online learning even more successful for some students.

In Conclusion

Many families choose online tutoring, or in-person tutoring in Toronto, exclusively. Some move back and forth between the two depending on the current pandemic response guidelines. Often, a combination of online tutoring sessions with in-person tutoring on a specific schedule works well.  Talk to us at Class-in-Session about online tutoring or in-person tutoring in Toronto.

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