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Is a Writing Tutor Different from a Reading Tutor?

Yes. Many literacy tutors offer both services, but a writing tutor is different from a reading tutor. Let’s take a look at the individual writing and reading tutoring services to discover the similarities and differences.

Why Your Child Might Need a Writing Tutor in Toronto

Some children find that collecting their ideas, organizing thoughts, and expressing themselves in writing is a challenge. These students often excel in other areas, especially math and special relationships. You may wonder why your child can think so quickly and accurately and focus so well when playing a video game. Yet, trying to get them to write even a few sentences can be a nightmare.
A writing tutor helps your child use their unique strengths to build a successful foundation for writing. With innovative, proven techniques, a writing tutor teaches your child different approaches. Your child can then look at writing tasks through fresh eyes.

Why Your Child Might Need a Reading Tutor in Toronto

If your child struggles to read as well as their peers, a reading tutor can help. Learning to read happens at a different rate and in different ways for some students. So, the approach teachers take in classrooms simply doesn’t work well for every learner.
A reading tutor uses alternative approaches and various proven strategies to help your child learn to read. Increased fluency and comprehension make for a more confident and successful student in every subject.

Does Your Child Need Both?

Many children do need both a writing tutor and a reading tutor, while many others do not. It is possible for a student to struggle with reading (and spelling) but find expressing themselves in writing easier. Many children find that tutoring in reading unblocks their writing problems, solving both with just the one type of tutoring.

In Conclusion

Since writing tutors and reading tutors provide different services, it is important to know what is best for your child. Talk to the professionals at Class-in-Session about the options and what will best help your child.

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