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3 Reasons to Get Private Tutoring Help for your Child

Private tutors are as old as education. Socrates tutored Plato. Plato tutored Aristotle, who tutored Alexander the Great. A tutor has long been seen as the most effective way to support your child’s education. Today, private tutors are just as popular.

Here are three reasons you might want to get private tutoring help for your child.

1) So They Don’t Fall Behind

The biggest argument for a private tutor is to give your child the attention they deserve. Then, suppose they don’t completely understand something or develop reading and writing skills slowly. In that case, the tutor helps your child catch up. Even with specialized educational plans, struggling students seldom make significant progress at school. They tend to fall behind more every year, which is disastrous for your child’s education. Apathy, resentment, and bad behaviour often result from not keeping up in the classroom.

2) A Customized Education Plan

The tutors at Class-in-Session use various proven Orton-Gillingham Tutoring strategies to help your child learn more successfully.  With a variety of techniques and innovative approaches, your child uses their unique strengths to develop their own system to learn. This customized plan is available for online tutoring sessions or for in-person tutoring in Toronto. You can decide on a schedule that works best for your family.

3) To Help with Homework

A tutor has a unique relationship with your child. Your child’s tutor focuses entirely on your child’s success. They are not distracted by other students in the classroom or other children in the home. And it doesn’t take long for students to recognize how this unique relationship works. As a result, many parents say tutors “work miracles” with their kids, especially when it comes to helping with homework. So, parents often prefer to let the tutor help with homework to avoid fights, meltdowns, and other negative interactions with their child.

 In Conclusion

If you wonder if your child is falling behind, needs a more customized learning approach, or you are tired of the homework battles – it’s time. It’s time to get private tutoring help for your child. Call us at Class-in-Session to find out more about how we can help.

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