What is Tutoring?

What is Tutoring?

A tutor is someone who is responsible for guiding students of any age through their knowledge and experience. Most commonly, it is called teaching others how to read, write, spell, etc. There are many tutors depending on different purposes and requirements. Similarly, there are tutors who support and guide students with dyslexia to teach them different ways to read, write, and spell accurately. Those tutors are trained with the Orton Gillingham method. In today’s blog post, we’ll shed light on the importance of tutoring along with how it works.

How Does Tutoring Work?

Tutoring is useful for children to develop and improve their learning skills which will help those children in achieving academic success. Tutoring can be beneficial for students to strengthen subject comprehension, build essential learning skills, and enhance confidence. If your child has reading issues, then our Orton Gillingham Tutors can support your child by using the OG approach to improve your dyslexic child’s reading skills. Tutors are responsible for encouraging students to participate in educational activities. They monitor the progress of each student and record necessary academic information. In addition to this, tutors provide informative materials.

Why Tutoring is Important?

Tutors play a crucial role in student’s life as they provide guidance to support them achieve their educational goals. The lessons provided by a tutor are based on the subject area or field. Tutors help students set academic goals and encourage them to achieve those goals. Tutoring is beneficial for students for many reasons.

  • Your child will receive a personalized learning experience that they may not always receive in a classroom. Tutors can customize the lessons for your child.
  • When tutors come to know the learning style of your child, they can adapt teaching techniques accordingly.
  • Tutors work with your child on particular problem areas. Your child’s understanding of a specific subject will improve over time when working with a tutor.
  • With constant praise and encouragement, your child will no longer feel frustrated with school.
  • The answer to your question ‘Why is tutoring important?’ is that it can boost the self-esteem of children by providing them with the skills and resources required to excel in school.
  • Another thing about tutoring is that it helps students become better communicators and make positive social relationships.
  • Consistency is one of the most crucial aspects to improve any area and it is an important thing that a tutor can offer for a student.

Is There a Specialized Tutor for Dyslexic Students?

If you have a child with dyslexia, then you should receive support from a tutor who is trained in teaching dyslexic students. Most of the time, they use different techniques to support those children. Among them, Orton Gillingham is the most commonly used approach.

  • 1:1 Session

Tutors know that each student’s learning style is different that’s why they offer 1:1 tutoring sessions for each dyslexic student. During individualized sessions, tutors ensure to meet each child’s requirements to offer support that would work best for them.

  • Improving Literacy Skills

Toronto Tutors at Class in Session will focus on developing and improving literacy skills, such as reading fluency, phonemic awareness, and decoding. We use multi-sensory techniques to support children improve reading and writing skills.

  • Multisensory Learning

We ensure to engage multiple senses simultaneously to make learning effective for dyslexic students. By involving sight, touch, and sound, we support children with dyslexia to retain information for a long time.

  • Enhancing Reading Fluency

If your child has reading issues, then you can receive support from our tutors as we help children with reading issues improve their reading fluency by focusing on comprehension, speed, and accuracy.

  • Phonemic Awareness

Tutors at Class in Session focus on building phonemic awareness – the ability to manage individual sounds in words. It is crucial for improving reading and spelling.

If you are looking for tutoring in Toronto for your child with dyslexia, then you can contact Class in Session where we support dyslexic students overcome challenges they may face regarding reading, writing and spelling.

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