What is a Learning Pod?

With schools locked down, the idea of a learning pod popped up. What is a learning pod? Well, a learning pod is essentially how many of our grandparents were educated. The parents in the neighbourhood all got together and hired a teacher for their children. This historical form of education is now the inspiration for many families as they cope with school shutdowns.

While you may not be planning a permanent shift to homeschooling your kids, a learning pod works exceptionally well for tutoring, too. And you have two options for how to set it up.

Option #1 Students Gather Physically for Tutoring in Toronto

The first option for a learning pod is to gather the children in one home for the lessons. If one family has space and an available adult to supervise, this can be ideal. The children all use their own technology, sitting at different spots in the home. Since many students use laptops, their learning station is highly portable.

The tutor generally joins the students virtually. All of the students enter the meeting, much like they do for virtual school. Although the tech is the same, the smaller group size creates more customized lessons, just like a small group tutoring session in person. Also, tutors have specialized training that focuses on learning differences and can implement individual learning plans in the pod sessions.

Option # 2 Students Gather Virtually for Tutoring in Toronto

The second option allows students to stay home. No need to drive them anywhere, but each student requires adult supervision during the tutoring time. The children join the group meeting, just as if they were in the same room in Option #1.

The tutor joins the students virtually, exactly the same way. The benefits of the smaller group and specialized attention remain the same.

In fact, there is no need to choose between Options #1 and #2 permanently. Tutoring schedules can be set up for learning pods in different locations, alternating gathering physically or virtually.

Contact Class in Session to get more information on how to set up a Learning Pod for a group of families you care about!

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