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Orton-Gillingham Tutoring in Toronto is Now More Important Than Ever

Students who struggle with reading are the most likely to suffer from what experts call “the Covid Slide.” This loss of learning skill is similar to what students see over the summer months, only exaggerated by the extended period of the pandemic cycle

COVID-19 driven school closures have disrupted education globally. It is essential to reduce the long-term effects of the pandemic on your child’s education as much as possible. Although it may sound alarmist, some experts suggest that without intervention, the learning loss will have a negative, long-term effect on students’ future well-being.

Expert Recommendations to Reduce the Covid Slide

The experts do not have a long list of recommendations to help these students. The outcomes they suggest are simply:

  • Minimize learning loss
  • Implement proven learning recovery methods to recapture the loss
  • Continue using those proven methods to surpass expected levels

What does that really mean? It mostly means that tutoring helps. Research shows that just a few hours a week in a 12-week tutoring program results in the progress that a teacher would expect in 3 to 5 months of full-time classroom work.

Orton Gillingham Tutoring in Toronto

When a student continues to struggle, Orton Gillingham tutoring provides proven results. This multi-sensory, research-based method helps students improve reading and spelling skills. This instruction can take place in in-person, but Orton Gillingham tutoring in Toronto is very successful remotely. A reading slide during a COVID shutdown can set your child back tremendously.

COVID created challenges for us all, but students, especially with dyslexia, can’t afford to have academic skills suffer from the COVID slide.

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