What are Psychoeducational Assessments? Does my child need one?

Children struggle with school sometimes. Algebra, conjunctions, fractions or learning to read.  We all dealt with something when we went to school. So, how can you tell if your child is just dealing with a small, temporary difficulty or if there is a real problem, like Learning Disabilities or ADHD?

An assessment is helpful when:

  • Your child falls behind
  • They understand something one day but forget later that day or the very next day
  • Your child’s teacher shared concerns
  • Your child resists their school work or has behavioural or emotional difficulties


A psychoeducational assessment goes beyond the obvious symptoms. It focuses on factors affecting your child’s ability to function as a learner. As an example, memory and attention underlie learning problems students have with reading and writing.

An assessment will identify requirements for academic and intellectual functioning. It also identifies behavioural or emotional needs. Psychoeducational assessments are critical in the identification of children with learning or behavioural difficulties, plus those who are academically gifted.

Chances are, if you wonder if your child needs a psychoeducational assessment, you are probably right.

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