Increase Focus and Concentration with a Learning Disability Diagnosis

How To Help Your Child Increase Focus and Concentration

Students at every grade level have trouble concentrating or staying focused sometimes. Children with learning disabilities find it even more difficult. Many struggle to pay proper attention in the classroom and find it difficult to complete their homework. Concentration and focus have big impacts on any student’s performance.

Here are some tips to help support positive concentration and focus skills.

Children with Learning Disabilities Don’t Multitask

Multitasking is difficult for most every brain, but brains with learning disabilities are even more impacted. The jump from task to task loses momentum, causes confusion, and can set the stage for emotional or mental overwhelm.

Take just one thing at a time. Focus on what is in front of him or her. One question at a time. One task at a time. Even looking at a long page of questions can be difficult for some students.

Do Set-Up a Special Workspace

A special workspace, used only for studying, makes it easier to concentrate and focus for many children with learning disabilities. The area does not need to be large, just clear of clutter. Make sure only the items needed for this particular study task are included. Have a shelf or box nearby to keep the rest of today’s work out of the way, for now.

Accept Distractions as Part of Life

Distractions exist in life, no matter where or when. Children with learning disabilities use many techniques to refocus after a distracting event. Brainstorm with them ideas to help them refocus for greater concentration levels. Teach them to take short mental breaks, use deep breathing, or close their eyes to help.

Find More Focus and Concentration

These tips allow your child to build greater focus and concentration skills to move ahead more successfully. If your child requires additional assistance, remember that your instructor at Class Session can help.


build greater focus and concentration skills


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