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Online Tutoring for Learning Disabilities

Studies show that one-to-one tutoring is profoundly beneficial for students with learning disabilities. At Class in Session, we watch these exceptional students succeed with the right tools and personalized attention every day. Working with a specially chosen tutor, your child fills in the learning gap to support independent learning. They build their confidence by working online in a supportive, comfortable learning atmosphere.

At Class in Session, we help students who have all kinds of learning disabilities such as:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Auditory and/or Visual Processing Disorders
  • Dyslexia
  • Language-Based

Custom Learning Programs for Learning Disabilities

Many students with learning disabilities have support programs in place at school. Class in Session aligns all tutoring sessions with your child’s in-school programs. We work closely with you to develop and maintain a program that works for your child. Specialized training allows the tutors at Class in Session to create unique learning plans for each student. Then, we coach your child every step of the way to achieve academic success.

Students with learning disabilities are the first to fall behind when school supports disappear because schools suddenly go remote. But supplementing remote learning with one-to-one online tutoring helps students catch up and even get ahead. Online tutoring requires specialized skills when working with students with learning disabilities. Our online tutoring specialists at Class in Session have specific training to help students succeed.

Private, online tutoring in Toronto is convenient and flexible – ideal for those with a busy schedule, particularly to supplement remote learning. Our expert tutors will make a recommendation for the optimal number of weekly sessions for your child. But you are always the one making the final decision. Online tutoring fits with busy households.

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When you work with a tutor at Class in Session, your child’s education is in good hands. So, find out how Class in Session can help your child with learning disabilities reach their academic goals by calling us today!


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