Power Phrases to Help Children Develop Greater Self-Esteem

Words matter. What parents say to their children makes a long-term difference in their self-esteem. In fact, what parents, teachers and tutors say to children can encourage or hinder learning.

In the depths of winter, power phrases make even more difference. Frustrations with homework burdens increase mid-semester. The words of every parent have incredible potential to shape how children view the world, and themselves.


These are generic phrases that really do help children become more self-confident. It’s okay if they sound a bit corny, especially at first. Chances are, the more difficult you find them to say, the less you heard them as a child. Change that pattern for your children by repeating these power phrases over and over again.

Over time, they start to hear the words and they end up believing in themselves.

  • What do you think?
  • You’re important.
  • I’m so very proud of you!
  • Saying no is fine.
  • You said that very well.
  • You did try your best.
  • You are very kind.
  • Everybody makes mistakes.
  • I enjoy your company.
  • Your opinion is important.
  • I trust you.
  • Your decision took courage.
  • You can do it. I believe in you!
  • I love being your parent.

Remember to use your child’s name as you use these power phrases. Make eye contact and be sure they know you mean it. And of course, use power phrases at random times! The more often the better. Your child will never get too old to hear these phrases from you. People are people. Even the tiny humans.

Children’s self-confidence increases as their skill levels increase, too. We can’t just say nice things and hope our children feel good about themselves. That’s where tutoring comes in. At Class In Session, we help build your child’s self-confidence by helping them achieve more. We work with you to create a foundation of success for your child.

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