International Virtual Tutoring for Homeschool Support

International homeschool is a great learning journey! Canadian online tutoring gives your child the opportunity to tap into Toronto tutoring services – from anywhere in the world. Virtual tutoring allows students to develop skills and explore new topics. Then they access tutors eager to partner with parents to help students learn and grow. 

Class-in-Session provides full Canadian tutoring services, based in Toronto. The remarkably easy-to-use, engaging virtual platform builds a solid foundation so learners move along the path of academic success. Online tutoring students enjoy engaging activities in private virtual classrooms, led by their tutor. 


FAQs about Canadian Online Tutoring Services based in Toronto

What can I expect from my Class-in-Session Canadian Online Tutoring Session?

Class-in-Session virtual tutoring sessions are the same as in-person tutoring sessions. With live conferencing, you and your child are in direct contact with their tutor. Online classrooms also offer file sharing, screen sharing and many other features.  

Are Virtual Tutoring Sessions Safe?

Yes.  Class-in-Session online tutors are the same tutors you know from your in-person sessions. All their credentials and work experience are verified.

Is there any homework?

Students work on activities both online during tutoring times and offline, between sessions.  The offline activities then give them hands-on opportunities to practice what they learn in the lessons.

So, when your family is out of town, across the globe, or self-isolating use Canadian online tutoring services, based in Toronto. Class-in-Session makes virtual tutoring fun!

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