How Tutors Support Students with Dyslexia

How Tutors Support Students with Dyslexia?

One of the most common myths about dyslexic students is that they can’t accomplish excellent results. Dyslexia is an indicator of a student’s learning style and these children are more likely to achieve success. Such myths can make it tough for parents when they are in search of how they can offer the best support to their dyslexic child.

It can be quite challenging for parents to help their dyslexic children when it comes to studying and homework. The first step is enrolling your dyslexic child in tutoring sessions for added support and additional reading time. It is best to consult Orton Gillingham Tutors working with your child to understand the severity of your child’s difficulty and what can be done to support them in enhancing their reading, writing and spelling skills.

What are Common Issues Faced by Dyslexic Students?

The following are the most common challenges experienced by dyslexic students:

  • Reading Difficulties

Students with dyslexia often face difficulty with reading fluency and accuracy. They may need help identifying and decoding words, which results in slower reading rates and comprehension issues. Tutors often follow the Orton Gillingham Approach to support students with dyslexia to learn to read fluently.

  • Difficulty with Spelling and Writing

Spelling mistakes and difficulties with writing can be the most common issues faced by dyslexic students. They may have difficulty spelling words or writing their thoughts on paper. The multisensory approach is quite effective in supporting dyslexic students to learn to spell and write accurately.

  • Poor Phonological Awareness

Dyslexic students often have poor phonological awareness which means they may have difficulty recognizing and manipulating the sounds of spoken language.

  • Difficulty with Sequencing

Dyslexic students can find it difficult to process information in a sequence, making tasks like comprehending complex texts and following guidelines or instructions more difficult.

Tutoring in Toronto for Dyslexic Students with Orton Gillingham Approach

Tutoring children with dyslexia works the same as for children without. By using specific strategies and tailoring the approach according to dyslexic students, Toronto tutors support students with dyslexia to build strong learning skills and meet their academic goals.

The Orton Gillingham approach was designed to help students struggling to learn to read, write, and spell, including those with dyslexia and other learning disabilities. The Orton Gillingham approach is effective for dyslexic students as it helps them learn to read, write, and spell. Orton Gillingham Tutors have the unique skills to support dyslexic students learn to read, write, and spell effectively.

  • The Orton Gillingham starts with recognizing students’ literacy issues to create tailored lesson plans. Tutors can help students with dyslexia develop foundational literacy skills.
  • The Orton Gillingham is individualized to each student’s needs and abilities, that’s why a 1:1 session is conducted. The primary focus of each lesson is on skill reinforcement and development.
  • The best thing about OG tutors is that they work with students one-on-one to support them in developing skills in a systematic and structured way that streamlines language for mastery.
  • Each lesson within Orton Gillingham’s approach is multisensory and uses the learning pathways of auditory, visual, kinesthetic, and tactile. This is used to teach lesson material, leading to great skill retention among those who face difficulty with literacy.
  • Tutors are trained in identifying students’ literacy issues. Therefore, if you find your child with reading, writing and spelling issues, you can seek support from Orton Gillingham Tutor.

Now that you know the effectiveness of Orton Gillingham’s Approach. If you observe that your dyslexic child is experiencing difficulty in reading, writing and spelling, then you can receive support from tutors at Class in Session.

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