How Do Orton-Gillingham Tutors Help Students with Dyslexia?

How Do Orton-Gillingham Tutors Help Students with Dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a learning disability that affects the way students express and interpret words, letters, and sounds. Students with dyslexia find it difficult to read at a good pace without making any mistakes. In addition to this, they may also find difficulty with reading comprehension, writing, and spelling. To overcome this challenge, Orton Gillingham tutors come to play their role. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss how the Orton Gillingham Approach can help someone with dyslexia. Let’s get started:

How Can Orton Gillingham Tutor Help Dyslexic Students?

The Orton-Gillingham Approach was designed to help students who struggle to read, spell, and write, including those who are suffering from dyslexia and other learning disabilities. Orton Gillingham Toronto Tutors who specialize in the Orton-Gillingham approach have unique skills that can help students of all abilities learn to write, read, and spell effectively. The following are a few ways used by reading tutors to help dyslexic students:

  • Identify Underlying Literacy Issues

Experienced reading tutors will first identify underlying literacy issues so that they can create a tailored lesson plan for students. Once the gap in skill development has been identified, Orton Gillingham Tutors can help students develop foundational literacy skills.

  • One-On-One Lessons

The best thing about the Orton-Gillingham approach is that it is individualized to each student’s needs and abilities. The primary focus of each lesson is on skill development.

  • Multisensory Learning

The Orton Gillingham method makes use of the visual, aural, kinesthetic, and tactile learning pathways in each of its multifaceted lessons. This helps students who struggle with literacy the most retain the course content by serving as a teaching and reinforcement technique.

Benefits of Orton-Gillingham-Based Tutoring

The Orton Gillingham method was created especially to meet the special learning requirements of dyslexic students and assist them in overcoming their difficulties with reading, writing, and spelling. The following are some benefits of Orton-Gillingham-based tutoring:

  • By strengthening their fundamental literacy abilities, children can overcome literacy challenges with the support of Orton Gillingham, an evidence-based, specialized approach.

  • Students develop solid core abilities as they move through the lessons, starting with the fundamentals and working their way up to more difficult ideas.

  • Students receiving Orton Gillingham Tutoring in Toronto receive thorough and organized instruction in phonemic awareness, phonics, decoding, spelling, morphology, grammar, reading comprehension, fluency, and written expression, among other areas of phonological awareness.

  • The Orton Gillingham method uses movement, music, touch, and sight to engage children and encourage multisensory learning. This facilitates students’ understanding and retention of instructional content for mastery.

  • The customized Orton Gillingham method places a high value on individualized intervention and makes sure that every lesson is designed to specifically address the difficulties that each student is experiencing.

The blog covers the importance of receiving Orton-Gillingham-based tutoring for dyslexic students. If your child is facing difficulty in reading, spelling, and writing, then you can reach tutors at Class In Session.

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