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How an Orton-Gillingham Private Tutor Helps Your Child Succeed in School

Choosing to have a private tutor for your child is increasingly more common. Parents want their children to have the best possible chance of success at school. Many parents find that an Orton-Gillingham private tutor has specific advantages.

1. Modified Lesson Plans

Perhaps the greatest benefit of a private tutor by Orton-Gillingham is that exercises are specially designed to suit each student’s learning needs. Your child’s Orton-Gillingham tutor alters the rate, focus, and objectives to make sure your child makes progress. This is particularly important for students with learning problems like dyslexia or dyspraxia.

2. Focused Attention

Another tremendous benefit for students with a private tutor is the focused attention of both the tutor and the student. The student’s time during tutoring sessions focuses on their own learning with the tutor. Never is the tutor’s attention divided as they help other children in a classroom, like at school. This focused tutoring helps students learn faster and easier, making it more likely they can pay more attention and get along better in the classroom. The tutor provides direct assistance with fewer interruptions, making the entire learning journey more pleasant and successful.

3. Choose the Right Private Tutor

School might go better for many children if you could choose their teachers, but that’s just not how it works. But when it comes to private tutors, you have your choice. You can discuss your child’s specific learning challenges with a tutor you feel will mesh well with your child.  The Orton-Gillingham approach offers private tutors a wide range of options for customizing the sessions to work well for your child. Add that to the fact that you choose the personality of a tutor you feel most comfortable with, and you have a winning combination!

In Conclusion
An Orton-Gillingham Private Tutor Helps Your Child Succeed in School by 1) modifying lesson plans, 2) focusing the sessions on the most critical aspects for your child, and 3) being specially chosen by you. Call us at Call-in-Session to learn more about Orton-Gillingham Private Tutoring.

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