Does Your Child Need a Dyslexia Assessment?

Do you wonder if your child may have dyslexia? Has your child’s teacher suggested that dyslexia may explain some issues your child has at school? Has your child’s school suggested (or refused to offer) a dyslexia assessment?

Dyslexia, a learning disorder, makes it difficult to read because of problems identifying sounds in speech and relating those sounds to words and letters. This process, called decoding, has a seat in the part of the brain that processes language.

Children (and adults) with dyslexia are of normal intelligence and usually see normally, too. And generally, a child with dyslexia can be successful in school if they receive special tutoring. Early assessment and tutoring result in the best outcomes, but it’s never too late.

What is a Dyslexia Assessment?

A dyslexia assessment is a thorough test that gives you clear information about your child’s abilities in spoken language, phonics, decoding, spelling, writing, reading rate, accuracy, and comprehension. The results help you to know how you can help your child, and how a tutor will help them best.

Trained professionals complete dyslexia assessments here at Class in Session. We carefully check your child’s abilities, so we can develop a plan to help them progress. Each child needs a different strategy. And we make sure their program is tailored for their needs.

You may need to complete a checklist to explain what you have noticed and details about your child’s medical, family, and educational history. The aim is to establish a skills baseline, so as your child progresses the learning strategies can be adapted, too.

Over time, as your child spends time with a private tutor, reassessments help measure progress. Each dyslexia assessment helps target the instruction to help your child achieve the most.

Contact Class in Session today for a dyslexia assessment for your child.

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