Back to School in 2021

Back to school has in our memories for decades before. There is still the excitement that comes with new school supplies, clothes and classes. Yet there is some uncertainty as we wonder how many times if any, will schools shift to remote learning again.

Once your child is back to school in 2021, they (and you and their teacher) may notice evidence of what experts now call the “COVID Slide.” This sliding backwards with skills, especially reading and math, is similar to what happens over a summer, but it is more profound. And students notice. They recognize that they can’t read (or do math) as quickly or correctly as they did a year ago. So, they panic.

Some students quietly work harder and regain the skills they lost without much ado. Children working on an IEP are often the ones who lose the most, and without intervention, seldom ever catch up to their peers. Anxiety, depression and behavioral problems may set in, creating an even greater learning gap.

Tutoring in Toronto to Bridge the Learning Gap

No matter the cause of your child’s skill regression slide, stepping in quickly with tutoring helps them bridge the gap. Waiting to see how they do over the next few months is likely to create more frustration, which escalates behavioral issues and widens the learning gap.

Now is the time to introduce your child to tutoring at Class In Session. Online sessions are available, no matter the state of the school lockdowns. Your child can access the best possible education customized to their needs! Contact us today for more information.

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